In the Studio


So some fun stuff has been going on. Some friends got me in touch with a studio on the southside of Chicago, and we've been working on some new original material. Laid down a handful of songs I've written recently at Miller Street Studios in Pilsen. Good people there.

I was anxious to put something out, but the engineer I've been working with there (Rob) gave some good advice to take it a little more seriously and give the songs a fuller sound (outside of me and the guitar). We're in the process of figuring out what else we can add to make the tracks feel like the real deal. Excited to see what the end product sounds like (calling it an EP and naming it 'Clybourn').

Enjoying learning a little more about what's out there to tinker with musically. Hope to share it with you guys soon!


P.S. I've been bumping Chance's new mixtape 'Coloring Book' on repeat for 4 days now. Weird that an aspiring singer/songwriter's hero is a rapper that's younger than me? Je ne sais pas.

The Other Side's been a little while.

There's been a lot of redirection since my first post here. I've transitioned my $$$ making efforts into a job in downtown Chicago. It's been a great experience, and I think it's helped me to grow up a little bit. I traded in the couch life for an apt in Lakeview. I feel like I've got some space to reflect now.

Quite frankly, music has taken a backseat for what seems like way too long. It took some time to find an equilibrium. Gotta refocus now.

There's a lot of noise that's been building up in my head. I tuned it out temporarily so that I could get my feet under me.

Plan from here:

  • Let the noise out and write some of the songs I promised you guys.
  • Get back into the open mic scene. You meet the coolest people out there.
  • Dust off electric guitar. Learn how to use it.

Thanks again to everyone who takes an interest in all of this. You remind me to work this idea a little bit everyday as opposed to dreaming about it.


Where We're At

I'm going to try to be as honest as possible with myself, and - as a result - with all of you when writing here. It seems like a really good way to give you all a better picture of what's going on, while keeping everything straight in my own mind. I've been getting asked a lot recently where I'm at and what the next step is. Thank you for asking by the way - it makes me man up and actually answer the question for myself.

I'll admit, spending a majority of each day alone in a four-bedroom apartment doesn't really sit well with you sometimes ha. Conversely, it was one of my major reasons for moving up here (*Chicago*...I'm originally from Indianapolis)... Big empty space where I can write and play all day?! Sign me up!

Most of the time it's great. I try to treat it like a job. My own personal take on a "9-to-5" I guess. I don't think there's as much magic and mystery to songwriting and becoming a musician as I feel is believed sometimes. I think there's more science to it than that. I think it's just like any other passion/profession/dream... You have to become a student of it, learn it, work at it, trial-and-error, etc.

I'm pretty sold on the idea of 'luck' being at the intersection of preparation and opportunity, so I'm trying to pair more and more prepping with more and more opportunities until I reach some sort of critical mass. I go to a lot of open mics, I've been fortunate enough to book a number of small shows, I keep writing, practicing, taking suggestions for new covers to learn, listening to people's stories. Small victories everyday, as myself and another dreamchaser I know have decided to look at it. It seems like an incredibly large mountain to climb otherwise - if you're not looking at it from a day-by-day perspective.

Whatever it is, it feels right so far. It feels dangerous and borderline ridiculous and it's addicting to try and overcome each day.

Btw, sorry if I've annoyed anyone with my perpetual social media engine already... Sometimes I get on my own nerves, but it's part of the deal. Don't hate the hustle, hate the game. Haters gon' hate, and Taters gon' Tate.

Talk soon,