In the Studio


So some fun stuff has been going on. Some friends got me in touch with a studio on the southside of Chicago, and we've been working on some new original material. Laid down a handful of songs I've written recently at Miller Street Studios in Pilsen. Good people there.

I was anxious to put something out, but the engineer I've been working with there (Rob) gave some good advice to take it a little more seriously and give the songs a fuller sound (outside of me and the guitar). We're in the process of figuring out what else we can add to make the tracks feel like the real deal. Excited to see what the end product sounds like (calling it an EP and naming it 'Clybourn').

Enjoying learning a little more about what's out there to tinker with musically. Hope to share it with you guys soon!


P.S. I've been bumping Chance's new mixtape 'Coloring Book' on repeat for 4 days now. Weird that an aspiring singer/songwriter's hero is a rapper that's younger than me? Je ne sais pas.