The Other Side's been a little while.

There's been a lot of redirection since my first post here. I've transitioned my $$$ making efforts into a job in downtown Chicago. It's been a great experience, and I think it's helped me to grow up a little bit. I traded in the couch life for an apt in Lakeview. I feel like I've got some space to reflect now.

Quite frankly, music has taken a backseat for what seems like way too long. It took some time to find an equilibrium. Gotta refocus now.

There's a lot of noise that's been building up in my head. I tuned it out temporarily so that I could get my feet under me.

Plan from here:

  • Let the noise out and write some of the songs I promised you guys.
  • Get back into the open mic scene. You meet the coolest people out there.
  • Dust off electric guitar. Learn how to use it.

Thanks again to everyone who takes an interest in all of this. You remind me to work this idea a little bit everyday as opposed to dreaming about it.